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Financial Report

CGMA Financial Performance Management Program  

Course Bundles

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CGMA Financial Performance Management 

Cost Accounting and Management Track

Cost Accounting and Management includes six CPE courses that cover traditional costing, activity-based costing, activity-based management, advanced costing techniques, and quality management and process improvement.

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CGMA Financial Performance Management 

Financial Decision Making Track

Financial Decision Making includes nine CPE courses that cover breakeven analysis, relevant costs and decision making, linear programming, transfer pricing, investment appraisal techniques, pricing strategy, risk and uncertainty in decision making, and risk management.

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CGMA Financial Performance Management

Forecasting and Performance Evaluation Track

This track starts with exploring the various financial and non-financial purposes of budgeting. It examines decentralization, and cost, profit and investment centers. This course explores forecasting techniques related to budgeting and investment centers and performance measures.

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