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CGMA Strategic Management Accounting Bundle

An Overview Of CGMA Strategic Management Accounting Bundle Program


This CPE program provides you with the technical knowledge required for the CGMA exam, as well as providing you with CPE related to strategic management accounting.

While the overall program is essential learning for CGMA exam candidates, it is also available in smaller components to support the development of strategic management accounting skills for existing CGMAs and other management accountants.

Starting with an enterprise view from the top, this CPE course guides you on a path from the development of an organizational strategy to the challenges of implementation. Along the way, numerous examples illuminate the insights required for a competitive corporate financial strategy. The course concludes by considering the major risk factors involved when implementing, monitoring, or adjusting strategy to guide the enterprise in achieving its objectives.


The CGMA Strategic Management Accounting program is comprised of 37 courses that total 53.5 hours of eligible CPE credit. There are three tracks in the program as listed below:

Strategy Development and Implementation Track

Strategy Development Track

  • The Process of Strategy Formulation

  • Strategic Analysis – Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders

  • Strategic Analysis – External Environmental Analysis

  • Strategic Analysis – Internal Environmental Analysis

  • Strategic Analysis – Current Position of the Organization Analysis

  • Strategic Analysis - Options and Choices

Strategy Implementation & Change Management Track

  • Performance Measurement Techniques

  • Information Technology and ebusiness

  • Information for Advantage and Knowledge Management

  • Customers, Suppliers and Supply Chain Management

  • Change Management – Understanding the Context of Change

  • Change Management – Managing the Change Process

Corporate Financial Strategy Track

Finance & Treasury Management Track

  • Financial Performance Analysis and Measurement

  • Financial and Non-financial Objectives

  • Integrated Reporting

  • Development of Financial Strategy

  • Hedge Accounting

Corporate Financing and M&A Track

  • Financing - Equity Finance

  • Financing - Debt Finance

  • Financing - Capital Structure and Dividend Policy

  • Financial and Strategic Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Methods of Business Valuations

Governance and Risk Management Track

Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control Track

  • Risk Overview

  • Risk Management

  • Internal Control

  • Risk and Control of Information Systems

  • Information Strategy

  • Management Control Systems

Corporate Governance Track

  • Fraud Risk Management

  • Business Ethics

  • Corporate Governance

  • Internal Audit Overview

Financial Risk Management Track

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Foreign Currency Risk Management and Translation

  • Interest Rate Risk Management

  • Cost of Capital and Capital Investment Decisions

  • Investment Strategy, Appraisal, and Stakeholder Management

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