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The Global Standard in Credit Analyst Certification

CFI’s Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ Program covers the most critical knowledge and skills required to become a skilled commercial banker or credit analyst, including:


Industry analysis,

Business analysis,

Management assessment,

Financial analysis,

Loan security,

Credit evaluation and documentation,

Review procedures.


This credit analyst certification will help you hit the ground running, or move up the ladder as a world-class financial analyst.

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30 courses, 100+ hours of video training, and Excel & document templates


100% online, at your own pace, on your own schedule, with two years of access


Earn in-demand skills from instructors with 21+ years of experience training


CFI's mission is to make the world's best credit analyst training accessible to everyone


What You'll Learn in the CBCA Credit Analyst Certification Program


The CBCA credit analyst certification program teaches you the skills that will help you stand out as a world-class commercial banker or credit analyst. Gain a competitive edge in commercial banking with advanced knowledge, real-world analysis skills, and career confidence.

The CBCA includes 30 courses (15 required courses, 6 optional prep courses and 9 electives). The recommended CBCA program study time is 60-100 hours and the average completion time is 4 months.

Common Career Paths

Commercial Banking

Business Banking

Corporate Banking

Rating Agencies


Corporate Credit Analysis

Real Estate Lending

Risk Management


The Ultimate Credit Analyst Training System

The CBCA Program is designed to teach you all the skills you need to excel on the job as a credit analyst or commercial banker.

The courses will walk you through the entire credit process from start to finish, including how to read business financial information, how to analyze financial statements, how to assess a company’s capacity for debt, how to establish covenants, how to assess collateral and liquidity, and much more!


By the end of the program, you’ll understand the entire lending process from start to finish, including origination, negotiation, underwriting, documentation, closing, booking, and funding.


As a certified credit analyst, your CBCA designation sets you apart from the competition in a competitive job market.

Designed by Elite Instructors

When you’re investing resources in career advancement, you want courses that are proven to give you real-life skills that help you get recognized and move up the career ladder.

CFI’s Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA) Certification was designed by instructors with over 21+ years of financial analyst training experience. They’ve earned their credentials working at some of the largest and most well-known global banks and institutions.

It’s a distinct advantage to learn from instructors who obtained their experience training employees at these elite institutions; instructors who know what it’s like to perform these skills on the job – not just prepare you for passing a test. Passing tests is critical, but that doesn’t help you when you’re back at your desk, needing to perform analysis for a powerhouse client.

CFI courses have been delivered to tens of thousands of students at top universities, investment banks, accounting firms, and operating companies across the world. CFI is the official provider of the Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA) designation.

CFI knows what skills and knowledge employers are looking for, and they deliver them to you. Whether you’re new to corporate finance or an experienced professional, CFI courses are designed to help you advance your career. CFI delivers financial training for the real-world.

When you complete the CBCA Certification training you’ll possess the in-demand industry knowledge, hands-on practice, and confidence it takes to stand out and become a truly world-class banker.

The best part? You’ll put yourself on the “career express track.” In only a few months, you’ll gain on-the-job skills and knowledge that might take years of experience to learn.



Fundamentals of Credit

Course Code: CBCA 102

Study Hours: 1-2

Prep Courses  Optional

Accounting Fundamentals

Course Code:

СFI 101

Study Hours: 1-2

Forms of Business Structure

Course Code: CBCA 103

Study Hours: 1-2

Introduction to Banking

Course CodeCBCA 104

Study Hours: 1-2

Banking Products and Services

Course Code: CBCA 105

Study Hours: 4-5

IBISWorld Fundamentals

Course Code: CBCA 106

Study Hours: 2

5 Cs of Credit

Course Code: CBCA 204

Study Hours: 1-2

Reading Business Financial Information

Course Code: CBCA 205

Study Hours: 2-4

Evaluating a Business Plan

Course Code: CBCA 206

Study Hours: 2-4

Assessing Drivers of Business Growth

Course Code: CBCA 211

Study Hours: 1-2

Assessing Management

Course Code: CBCA 221

Study Hours: 1-2

Cash Flow Cycles and Analysis

Course Code: CBCA 222

Study Hours: 2-4

Core Courses  ( Required )

Financial Analysis Fundamentals

Course Code: CFI 201

Study Hours: 4-6

Building a 3 Statement Financial Model

Course Code: CFI 211

Study Hours: 4-6

Loan Security

Course Code: CBCA 231

Study Hours: 2-4

Loan Covenants

Course Code: CBCA 233

Study Hours: 2-4

Credit Administration and Documentation

Course Code: CBCA 321

Study Hours: 2-4

Account Monitoring and Warning Signs

Course Code: CBCA 323

Study Hours: 2-4

Business Writing Fundamentals

Course Code: CBCA 336

Study Hours: 2-4

Completing a Credit Application

Course Code: CBCA 400

Study Hours: 2-4

Professional Ethics

Course Code: CFI 265

Study Hours: 2-4

Commercial Banking - Debt Modeling

Course Code: CBCA 501

Study Hours: 4-5

Loan Pricing

Course Code: CBCA 502

Study Hours: 4-5

Lending to Complex Structures

Course Code: CBCA 504

Study Hours: 4-5

Syndicated Lending

Course CodeCBCA 506

Study Hours: 3-4

How to Read a Real Estate Lease and Analyze a Rent Roll

Course Code: CBCA 507

Study Hours: 2

Construction Finance Fundamentals

Course Code: CBCA 508

Study Hours: 2-4

Elective Courses  ( Optional )

Equipment Finance

Course Code: CBCA 509

Study Hours: 3

Building a 3 Statement Financial Model

Course Code: CFI 211

Study Hours: 4-6

Loan Security

Course Code: CBCA 231

Study Hours: 2-4

Equipment Finance

Course Code: CBCA 509

Study Hours: 3

Commercial Mortgages

Course Code: CBCA 512

Study Hours: 5

Real Estate Fundamentals

Course Code: CBCA 601

Study Hours: 2-4

Retail, Restaurant, & Franchise Lending

Course Code: CBCA 513

Study Hours: 3-4

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CBCA - A Credit Analyst Certification Endorsed by the Global Corporate Finance Society

The GCFS board regularly reviews the CBCA program to ensure relevancy and industry standards are being met. By regularly examining the credit analyst certification curriculum, the GCFS board is able to ensure CFI courses include the latest possible trends.


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