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Corporate Financial Strategy Track  

Course Bundles

Finance & Treasury Management Track

  • Financial Performance Analysis and Measurement

  • Financial and Non-financial Objectives

  • Integrated Reporting

  • Development of Financial Strategy

  • Hedge Accounting

Corporate Financing and M&A Track

  • Financing - Equity Finance

  • Financing - Debt Finance

  • Financing - Capital Structure and Dividend Policy

  • Financial and Strategic Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Methods of Business Valuations


Corporate Financial Strategy

Finance & Treasury Measurement Track ( Modules 1-5 )

Finance & Treasury Management first focuses on the process of financial reporting, and the interpretation and analysis of financial statements. This CPE course then defines the different types of entities and considers the identities of the entity's key stakeholders. 

Abstract Paint

Corporate Financial Strategy

Corporate Financing and M & A Track ( Modules 6-10 )

Corporate Financing and M&A CPE course first examines factors to consider when making the fundamental financing decision between equity financing and debt financing and further investigates the main sources of equity and debt finance, as well as the criteria for managing the risk involved. 

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