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Finance Transformation Learning Program 

Certificate Bundles

We are in a world where customers’ demands require all businesses to provide better products or services to align with rapidly evolving customer expectations. The degree of disruption and change in business is requiring all finance functions to evolve to align with the speed of business decision making. Gone are the days where the finance processes can take months to execute. Responsiveness and decision-making in a matter of days is the new norm.

To help companies and finance professionals meet the expectations of their business stakeholders in the context of disruption and enabling professionals to support the future finance organizations, the AICPA & CIMA and KPMG collaborated to develop a learning pathway to help you understand the future of finance and how the finance professional will evolve. Composed of three certificate programs, these curricula will teach you the importance of, and how to, evolve and upskill your career and finance team to reimagine finance in today’s era of disruption.


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Finance Transformation Learning Program

Finance Transformation: Manage Disruption Certificate

The Manage Disruption Certificate provides the context to the accelerating evolution of finance in organizations. It focuses on why and how the business environment is changing and how the finance team can prepare for and respond to these changes.

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Finance Transformation Learning Program

Finance Transformation: Ignite Change Certificate

The Ignite Change Certificate provides deeper insight into the various objectives and roles within the Finance value chain of the future. It focuses on what changes are required within organizations to adapt to the changing business environment and how new and existing roles will underpin the value chain.

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Finance Transformation Learning Program

Finance Transformation: Transform Skills Certificate

With changing business models and financial needs, it is more important than ever for finance teams to transform and drive value for their organizations. As a result, CFOs now need to understand their evolving roles as well as the skills and competencies their teams will require to navigate this transformation.

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