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Governance and Risk Management Track  

Course Bundles

Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control Track

  • Risk Overview

  • Risk Management

  • Internal Control

  • Risk and Control of Information Systems

  • Information Strategy

  • Management Control Systems

Corporate Governance Track

  • Fraud Risk Management

  • Business Ethics

  • Corporate Governance

  • Internal Audit Overview

Financial Risk Management Track

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Foreign Currency Risk Management and Translation

  • Interest Rate Risk Management

  • Cost of Capital and Capital Investment Decisions

  • Investment Strategy, Appraisal, and Stakeholder Management

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Governance & Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control Track (modules 1-6)

Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Control Track (Modules 1-6) first examines the types of risks facing organizations such as political, business, financial, and international operations, as well as their subcategories. 


Governance & Risk Management

Financial Risk Management Track (Modules 11 - 15)

Financial Risk Management (Modules 11-15) first examines many aspects of financial risk, and methods used to endure their effects. This CPE course focuses on the translation of the financial statements of a foreign operation, in the context of that operation being a subsidiary. It then focuses on aspects of currency risk and forecasting their effects, as well as types of interest rate risk and methods used to manage such risk.

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Corporate Governance Track first examines fraud policy and fraud investigation techniques. The CPE course then examines the Code of Ethics that all CGMA professionals should incorporate into their careers. It also focuses on corporate governance, and the roles of various executives and committees.

Governance & Risk Management

Corporate Governance Track

(Modules 7 - 10)

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