Introducing a power-packed, 30 hours, fully online learning program on Business Management Key Concepts,

by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants


Designed to enrich the skillset of any finance or business professional, MBAExpress, is a series of online learning bundles, each developed to provide essential business savvy, focusing on one key subject area at a time.

The program comprises five online learning bundles, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of some of the core areas of business management, in just over 30 hours of focused learning.

Learn the key concepts of powerful communication, explore the ways to refine your business and leadership strategy, develop a deep understanding of value addition and learn how to implement the concepts of performance management.


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MBA Express:

Key Concepts of Powerful Communication


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Key Concepts of Powerful Communication

MBAexpress provides essential business savvy over the course of 6 1-hour online learning modules. Having a strong network will assist you in launching a new idea or plan, developing new business and clients, reducing costs in recruiting, and leveraging your career.  This course will discuss different personality styles and demonstrate the different ways to communicate information to them.

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Key Concepts of Adding Value

MBAexpress provides essential business savvy over the course of 6 1-hour online learning modules.This course will focus on three areas accountants should be aware of – contracts, intellectual property and employment law.  Discover 21 tips to change your budgeting process that results in a detailed one year budget, to a planning process resulting in a strategic, progressive and long-term achievement of your goals.

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Key Concepts of Business Strategy

MBAexpress provides essential business savvy over the course of 6 1-hour online learning modules. Does your business have a sustainability initiative? Recognize the benefits and business impact of sustainability and identify the steps to get started. You will discover new ways to break through mental barriers, SALY thinking, and roadblocks in order to improve performance, creative thinking, and innovation.



Key Concepts of Performance Management

A balanced Scorecard is a performance measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more ‘balanced’ view of organizational performance. This course will discuss ways to improve your business processes to make them more efficient and better for your organization and customer.

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Key Concepts of Leadership Strategy

Emotional intelligence in the workplace is about understanding how you affect others and how others affect you. This course will discuss an alternative approach to building your business plan, along with a candid discussion of the “dark side” of being an entrepreneur. Discuss risk factors and liabilities related to governance and the importance of setting the “tone at the top” for ethical behavior.