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Evolving Wisdom


Evolving Wisdom is today’s fastest growing global e-learning community specializing in transformative education.

Their virtual courses, online workshops and events with today’s leading transformational teachers and authors don’t just inspire you with new possibilities or fill your mind with big ideas—they guide you through a process of deep transformation so that you can begin to LIVE the extraordinary, awakened life you’ve always sensed was possible.

Learn Photoshop, Lightroom, And Photography—In A Fun & Easy Way!

That is what happens at KelbyOne. It’s even possible you will find yourself actually laughing along with our instructors. Laughing while doing the training? Incredible we know. But, you see, our goal here is to make learning something that you look forward to. This way you, the community of photographers, can move past the hurdles and bring to life the images that are stuck inside of you. KelbyOne feels like the content has to be fun, cinematic, inspiring, and taught by the most personable and experienced photographers in the industry.

CPD Planet

CPD Planet is an ACS SYNERGY company -


Focusing on modern professional’s CPD needs, is an online learning platform that provides truly world-class CPD resources for business, finance & information technology professionals.


​All courses are produced by and in partnership with some of the world-leading professional bodies and CPD providers as well as by a global team of highly distinguished subject specialists.


​By a careful and extensive process of synthesis, selection & development, at CPD Planet, we ensure that all our CPD resources are designed for individuals seeking career growth as well as corporate businesses aiming for staff skills development.


​CPD Planet enables a high ROI on your training and development spending through skills development in the areas that are vital for business & professional success.